General Trading.

Although Al Nasriyah was formed as a general trading and contracting company, we have rapidly evolved into a diversified contracting, trading, operating and investment company.  In spite of Al Nasriyah’s rapid growth and diversification into various industries, general trading and contracting has been the essence of Al Nasriyah’s business since inception.  Through a large network of partnerships with major European and North American manufacturers and service providers, we have been able to serve a broad range of governmental agencies and private sector clients in the Middle East, providing them with fully integrated products and services.  Despite our recent expansions, we still maintain our original roots and provide General Trading & Contracting services across a wide range of industries with a diversified customer base in the private sector and Government Ministries.  Our staff and management team provides our clients and partners with a fully integrated provision of products and services.

The following products are a summary of what our procurement division can source and provide at competitive pricing for out customers in Kuwait and the Middle East:

  • Office and home furnishings
  • Replacement and spare parts for wide range of vehicles (e.g., Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota Land, Nissan, GMC, Polaris, etc.
  • Electrical supplies (e.g., cables, circuit breakers, light fixtures, control panels, water proof covers, etc.)
  • Electric generators
  • Automobiles (cars and trucks) and supplies (e.g., tires, spare parts, etc.)
  • IT and IT related materials and equipment
  • Heavy equipment (e.g., Perkins, FG Wilson, Caterpillar, Groove, Kato, etc.)
  • Power tools and parts (e.g., drill bits, pneumatic tools, shovels, bench grinders, plumbing tools and supplies, etc.)
  • Building materials (e.g., lumber, plywood, ready mix, gravel, R-panels, pressure washers, hoses, sandwich panels, etc.)
  • Fire extinguishers and maintenance services
  • Paints (e.g., spray paint, acrylic paint, epoxy latex paints, paint primers, paint brushes, paint supplies, etc.)
  • Air conditioners (e.g., window units, split A/C, package units, free standing A/C units, and spare parts and refrigerants)
  • Safety and security equipment (e.g., signs, accessories, etc.)
  • Ready made housing units (e.g., Porta Cabin, etc.)
  • Fabrication as per samples or drawings