Telecommunication & Information Technology

Directly and through our network of partnerships, Al Nasriyah is able to provide the most advanced communication and information technology services.

  • Partnerships with one of Europe’s largest telecommunications and IT companies provide us the ability to offer a full spectrum of services and products to our clients.
  • Services include: Data Storage, Internet and general IT and Telecommunication Solutions.

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We are an European reference in the implementation of large and complex projects

We ensure business continuity for the organizations we work with, through our electronic security solutions for the protection of people and resources. Our know-how combined with our communications background mean that we have the advantage of selecting the equipment best suited to the needs of our clients.


  • Protection of the organization’s tangible assets;
  • Preventive monitoring;
  • Automatic response to abnormal situations;
  • Access to a single communications and security management interface;
  • Complete and intelligent solutions providing full protection.



We host, protect and manage information technologies in a single structure

We adopt best green IT practices, with the goal of ISO 14001 certification. We combine communications with an excellent technological space to ensure the safety and performance levels required for continuous operation.


  • Decentralization of IT solutions;
  • Access to excellent hosting conditions with no requirement for investment in infrastructure;
  • Proximity to the carrier communications network;
  • ISO 27001 certification – systems and processes associated with information security management.



We guarantee data integrity

Our team is a benchmark in the industry and adapts our solutions to the reality of every business. We adhere to best practices policies and security procedures, involving users, applications and infrastructure, to provide organizations with protection for all their data.


  • Information confidentiality, integrity and availability;
  • Adoption of best information security practices, in accordance with the ISO 27001 information security management system;
  • Identification of security threats and business risk assessment;
  • Stakeholder involvement in the detection of intrusion attempts and other threats to data integrity;
  • Definition of consistent security policies;
  • Efficient management of security policies, ensuring higher returns with lower risk.



Our Cloud has an identity.

We offer solutions that can be strategically adapted to the size, activity and business challenges of our clients.

We want to help you build a fast and efficient business with secure and reliable Cloud solutions.


  • Cost predictability
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Virtualization
  • Ease
  • Security