Transportation & Infrastructure

Our Transportation & Infrastructure group is comprised of team members from several of our other groups such as Public Private Partnership and Construction & Engineering. Collectively they cover a broad range of infrastructure transactions including water taxis, airports, and light rail projects throughout the Middle East. Our continued growth in these related sectors has allowed us to further develop the scope of Transportation & Infrastructure projects that we undertake.


• We promote innovation and encourage new ways of thinking.
• We provide a platform for sharing insights into the latest mobility trends and hot topics.
• We look to the future by anticipating mobility needs and inspiring pioneering solutions.
• We take an innovative approach to our work.
• We are the global centre of knowledge and know-how on the sustainable mobility of today and tomorrow.
• We build up a clear overview of the issues affecting sustainable mobility all around the world.
• We gather a wealth of information, best practices and statistics related to sustainable mobility worldwide.
• We are a group of dedicated professionals who our members can call on for expert support and guidance.
• We work to make cities healthier, more inclusive and more sustainable.
• We believe in enhancing quality of life for everyone.
• We respect other people and are transparent, fair, ethical and honest in our dealings with others.
• We treat everyone equally, but take their individual needs into account.
• We are open, tolerant and respect diversity.
• We make respect a hallmark of our relationships with our members, partners and colleagues.
• We care about the needs of our members and colleagues and always respond in a professional way.
• We encourage the sustainable mobility community to exchange ideas and best practice openly and freely.
• We create an atmosphere where high-quality relationships are valued and nurtured.

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